Thursday, May 20, 2010

Colorado Antiquarian Book Seminar...

Last year I sent in my application for a scholarship to the above seminar -- which is specifically for book dealers / wanna be book dealers / collectors /  librarians / you name it.

Didn't make the cut last year (though was very nicely told that I was first runner up ... in case the winner couldn't make it, I should keep my high heels and crown at the ready).

This year, I decided to try again.


I got the scholarship!

Whooo hoo.....

I got the phone call from the scholarship committee chair as I was winding my way up Highway 49 on my way to The Gold Rush Book Fair.  Yes, I actually took the call while driving -  Yes, I KNOW I was being bad.  I tried to turn off and park, but there's really very little turn off space available on some of those roads up in the foothills.

I suppose I squealed.  I did remember to say thank you.

And I promptly told the first book dealer I saw at the fair.

Then I realized that the scholarship itself  (while a HUGE) piece of this puzzle, was only part of what I'd have to pay.

Today I filled out my application for the seminar and got my first glimpse of the other fees I'm going to have to cover.


However, I'll figure something out. Books WILL sell and give me some breathing room to pay for lodging, air fair (I'm NOT driving to Colorado....that's three extra days and I'm not a long distance driver by any means), food and incidentals -- which includes BOOKS that I might find at the bookstores we'll go visit.

I'm going to really enjoy this.

Now, as a disclaimer -- I've been to the seminar before.  WAY back in  1992 when I worked at the local used bookstore here in town, the owners felt that it would be a good thing for me to go to.  Back then I was .... an employee, I was young (ish), I wasn't a very good solo traveler, I was a scared rabbit of a person and had just enough knowledge to make me a danger to myself and others.

Now I'm older. I'm doing this for ME and MY business, I'm a much better traveler, I'm not as scared (having kids will drag you out of your shell whether you want to be dragged out or not) and I have more knowledge... which is still very much a danger to myself and others.

I'd love to take my husband and the boys along with me so they can visit a new place, but, turns out, school starts that week for at least two of them and no one wants to (or can afford to) miss school so I'll be on my own.

If anyone has gone recently to the seminar and has advice (good, bad or other), feel free to fill me in. If not, as soon as I get back (well, as soon as I get caught up after getting back), I'll do at least one blog post on it, if not several.

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ANudge said...

Congratulations! You'll have fun and learn a lot to add to your considerable knowledge.

Fairs are only $250 to Colorado from SO CAL right now.