Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Seven Days Already?

I finally got a chance to check my blog today to see when I posted last.... May 4th (ps: Happy May 4th Birthday to Carrol Sewell).


I was hoping to do better than that.

At any rate, it certainly doesn't feel like seven days have passed.  And... I keep having ideas about stuff to post, but don't seem to have access to the computer and time to do so when I remember what it is I want to post.

Today's Tuesday.... two and one half day's til I leave for Grass Valley and the Gold Rush Book Fair.  I've got most of the boxes packed. I still have a table full of books that are listed, but not covered with Demcos yet (if you're not familiar with them, they are covers for dust jackets). I'm still trying to decide if I take my own bookcases and fight with them, or borrow someone else's. Hopefully I'll decide before the time window closes. Today and Yesterday was clean up finishing of the books that I want to take but don't have serious time to finish... so add them (provisionally) to the database and later get the rest of the listing done for online.

STRANGE THINGS -- well, different than my usual things are going with me.  Fiction, non-fiction, old, older... odd sized, etc.

Right now, I'm trying to figure a way to make ALL the books face forward in my booth. Probably not do-able, but I'd really LIKE to have them that way.... I'll keep thinking on it and maybe something will come to me. (Or if not, if something pops into YOUR brain, send me an email).

And now I'm off to do errands before school is out and the baseball games start. At least its not raining today. I'm still waiting for HOT weather though.

Once this fair is over, I've got TONS of blog posts I want to do.

And .. if luck holds, I'll finally be able to GET to them.

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