Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Getting Side-tracked...

I don't know how other people do it.  I have a regular schedule (well, it's a self-made, internalized schedule, so not FORMALIZED) and I try to keep to it each working day but... it's hard to stay motivated.

The thing is, sitting here, alone in front of my desk, it's SO easy to get side-tracked from what I am supposed to be doing....

Supposed to be doing consists of:

Answering emails
pulling ordered books off the shelf, invoicing and mailing
taking pictures of books
data entry
writing articles (which I SHOULD be doing much more often than I am)
writing reviews
data entry (did I say that twice...yeah, well I meant to. No data entry means NO sales, NO money, etc....)

Today, I:

took pictures of a stack of books
pulled books, invoiced and packed them for mailing
did some data entry
checked facebook about ten times
found a pile of very old National Geographic Magazines & started leafing through...
brushed the cat (she's a long hair and NEEDS brushing on an almost hourly basis -- I never wanted a long haired cat... I have allergies and long haired cats don't help, but you know how that goes)
put books in boxes to get them up off the floor
moved boxes of books around to make space
emptied three boxes of books which came back from the book fair (this is a good thing)
checked my emails about 50 times
read a couple of blog posts
sat and wondered what profound thing I could write about for my blog
stared at the wall for a while
wondered how the baseball game tonight is going to turn out
thought about getting the suitcases out of the closet for the boys for the trip this weekend

Oh, there's more.

Much more.

I seem to be very easily side-tracked this week from getting WORK done.

I can't complain because I actually DID get books listed on line, but when it comes to sitting still and just doing data entry for hours on end.... well, let's just say I don't have a real aptitude for sitting still long.

And with all the new techno gadgets out there, I can't imagine how other people can keep up with everything. I have a hard enough time coming up with something half-way interesting to put on my blog every day (almost). How in the world can  people find time (or inspiration) to add Facebook quips, twitter tweets, blog entries (more than one a day! yikes!), newsgroup posts,  and on and on and on.... every day!

It boggles the mind.

Which is, I guess, why I don't do those things.

I Can't keep up.

  I got side-tracked into reading the National Geographic Magazine article from 1919 on : The Progressive World Struggle of the Jews for Civil Equality.... (and that instead of the 550 page book that I HAVE to finish reading before Monday because my deadline approaches....and as I'm not too enamored of the book, I keep finding ways to NOT read it, which is BAD...)

So much for profound thoughts for today... sigh

Since I've got nothing important to say about what I did today, here are some pictures of books I added to the database instead:

Toby the Rock Hound by Jane Dwyer Walrath
Illustrated by the wonderful Jolly Roger Bradfield.
though it's from 1979, there are only two copies listed online currently.

The Story of a Little Mouse Trapped in a Book
Written and illustrated by Monique Felix -- again, not too many copies online
this a book without words... all pictures, no words. 

Trumpet Blues: The Life of Harry James
Signed by the author (Paul J. Levinson) who was a long time friend of Harry James...
(or so he says). This is one of the new class of non-fiction titles I'm adding to diversify more.

Heavy Weather
by P. G. Wodehouse
 I'm a P.G. Wodehouse fan -- 
I found this up in Grass Valley this weekend. It's a reprint edition, BUT...
turns out, that it was printed two months after the first US edition (By Little Brown & Co) and there are actually LESS copies of this edition available than the 1st US edition. Crazy, huh?
Oh, I do wish it had a dust jacket though.

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