Thursday, May 27, 2010

Is it Really May?

First off  - WOW.... only eight posts in May so far.  Last month seemed far more full of events, but even so, I posted more than I have this month.

Second -- Anyone know where MAY went?  Not only is it already almost the end of school  (June 4th for Number One Son, and June 17th for Number Two Son), but the weather....

We had another baseball game in the mist last night. Yup. Usually this time of year, we're wilting in 100 degree (F) weather. This year, we've barely gotten any sun. I haven't even had to really slap sunscreen on my neck but once or twice this year.

We have less than a week to go in May and right now it's hazy and semi-wet.


I wish I could say I had something profoundly bookish to blog about today, but I don't.  I found one neat set of older (listed in the garage sale ads as VICTORIAN) books (2 volume set) about the Islands owned by the United States (1899, this was, so the Islands included Puerto Rico, Cuba, Hawaii, the Philippines, Samoa and the Isle of Pines (which is one of the large islands off the coast of Cuba: see here for more info).  Cool stuff. Wonderful black and white photos.  HUGE Books that must weight 15 pounds or so (together).

This is a view of volume two -- unfortunately, I had to do this strange jig and wiggle to get the picture I did get. It doesn't fit straight on my desk, so I had to lay it sideways, and it went downhill (photographically speaking) from there.

Other than this impressive set, not much really intriguing book material has passed my way this week. I've been adding data for much of the week, but it's stuff that's out of three year old boxes.  I'm buckling down and trying to pull out old stuff before I enter new stuff (we'll see how long this lasts).  

Other than that, it's been Baseball, quick trip down the valley to the desert to visit relatives, school work, regular work, and not much else.

Oh:  Gotta say, I really love the baseball stuff lately. I learn something new just about every day we're out on the field..... last night it was regarding runs in if the first baseman doesn't make it all the way to first base.  According to several in the know, if a runner comes in (home plate) after the ball has been hit, but the runner who hit the ball doesn't make it to first base (and this is all assuming it's the third out the runner at first makes (..keeping up so far?  this is arcane stuff here)... then the run doesn't count.  Get that?  Ok. I wish I could diagram it.  Batter hits the ball (with two outs already in the inning). He runs to first but is thrown out before he gets there. In the meanwhile, the runner on third is heading home.  He MAKES it home BEFORE the batter makes it to first base and before the ball is caught out at first base.... but... since the batter doesn't land on first base and stay, the run doesn't count.


Last night, Number One Son was up to bat three times -- hit and made it to  base two times, the third time made it as a walk.  Caught an infield fly (to make an out against the other team) as a second baseman (first time this year he's been infield in a REAL game...) and had a great time.

Son Number Two plays on Friday at the same field (one of the dustiest, windiest fields in town, I think -- we all have to dose up on pseudafed and nearly wear masks, the dust is so thick.  Hopefully it will be a good game as well.

I'm still thinking about the Gold Rush Book fair and trying to come up with a decent post about it.  Strange -- when you're in the thick of it, it's harder to find a way to describe it.

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