Thursday, October 1, 2009

Christmas stuff - and data entry

Last week - I don't know if I mentioned it or not - but I spent TWO DAYS going through boxes of books that haven't made it to the database yet. I was looking for a couple of books that I thought I had so I could quote them to customers (turned out I didn't), however, in the process, I found a small bunch of Christmas books.

Every year I mean to put all seasonal books in separate boxes and enter them into the database BEFORE the season is over -- you know, to SELL the darned things -- so I pulled these out and put them in the TO DO NOW pile.  Which means clean, get pictures taken, then enter the darned things.

This isn't ALL the Christmas books I found, but a few of the cute ones that I've entered into the database so far. I do have more (and keep finding more when I go out hunting! BAD ME!)

So I thought I'd put up a few pictures for you.  ALL OF THESE ARE AVAILABLE (as of this writing).

This particular book -- The Christmas Spider is a book that's been hanging around our house for a number of years -- it's got some wonderful craft designs, etc. from Poland. My mother got this to check out the paper cutting artwork and how to do it.  We tried it a couple of times -- I might still have a box with some decorations on it, but I am truly one of the NON- Arts & Crafts creative types. My designs are sad and copyish....and... did I say sad already?

I like many of the Christmas books for children that are available. I know it's a subject that  gets DONE TO DEATH, but sometimes, good authors and illustrators can add special meaning to the Christmas experience.  Russell Hoban seems to have that knack.

Other than answer a stupid, LONG customer phone survey this morning, these books were where I spent my time today.  After this, I need to work on the DREADED TAXES (dreaded taxes, dreaded taxes...echoes off in my head) and then it's work on unpacking more boxes from September's book fairs, clean, fix dinner and do soccer practice.

I know it's a bit early for the Christmas spirit overload, but if I don't get these books listed NOW, it ain't gonna happen!

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