Friday, October 23, 2009

Fall has fallen...

Look at that evil grin -- I did take another picture after this one, but this one is so darned .... cute ... and SO fits the personality of son number two.

If you haven't guessed already, it's fall around here.

Not that we really GET fall (autumn / change of seasons, whatever you want to call it), mind you. Around here we get SUMMER and then WINTER.  There's hardly any stops in between.  It's either hot, or cold.

The leaves that we had to rake up came about not because of a few nippy days while the weather gradually drops down -- Noooooo.

We went from 100 degrees to 55 overnight and then the next day had a huge rainstorm. It turns out, that our storm was more like an on-land hurricane than not  -- if you think I'm making this up, it turns out that the weather gurus have finally decided  the once a decade deluges we suffer through which have HIGH winds with them are from a phenomena (which I can't remember at this very moment) which is really an on land hurricane-like event that only happens in a couple of places around the world (California, of course, being one of them) (I'll come up with the name in a minute... it has a stream in it ... not jet stream though).  SO -- when conditions are just right, we get innundated with water and high winds (40-60 miles an hour) in a short period of time.

Oh, now I remember -- not stream after all it's called an Atmospheric River -- look it up somewhere, it's cool stuff.

The weather gurus figured that this type of hurricane-like event is what turned central California into an inland sea back in the 1860's.

Which, seemingly, is what we had last week. It brought down tons of leaves (see the picture above which was taken early on in the raking process ... mostly because son number two left half way into the raking), it tore up trees around the valley and made a generally big mess. Luckily, it was a short event so it didn't do THAT much damage.

At the very least, it provided something for us to do on a Friday afternoon.  Raking leaves is FUN!

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