Monday, October 19, 2009

Monday and clean-up day again.

So today was once again clean-up day (and unfortunately, I STILL have not finished sending out my thank you emails for book orders that were sent out today from this weekend).

Clean-up day involves checking through all the emails from the weekend that did not get answered  (checking, mind you, NOT necessarily answering just yet.... why? It depends entirely on the email).

Invoicing and packing books that sold.

checking all the blog sites I keep up with (which is getting to be entirely TOO LONG a process and which takes up a good portion of time that should be used to work on the dreaded TAXES!).


checking through the piles of papers on my desk that should actually be dealt with (again, just because they are checked does NOT mean that the final - dealt  with and filed - thing is actually finished.  I don't know about you, but I have paperwork that is in varying stages of done-ness.)  Today, I managed to drop all of these papers off my desk and onto the floor in a big heap which then had to be repositioned on several piles which are currently taking elbow room from any flat surface).

This might be a good place to remember that about two years ago I designed and then constructed (badly, very badly) a desk which had TONS of flat surface in an L shape so that I could have ROOM to get things done.  Well, the upshot of flat surface space is MORE room to PILE stuff. 


In my next life I'm going to be a major-ly organized person.  I keep thinking I'm organized... but.  :(

I thought about what needs to be done tomorrow.

I thought about what needs to be done tonight and how to get it done (tonight is scout night -- Pack meeting for son number 2, regular meeting for son number one ... and of COURSE they overlap tonight. AND son number one is getting his tenderfoot badge tonight. I'll miss it. But that's life)

I moved books up and down stairs.

I got sat on and licked by an annoying monster-fur laden cat who didn't want me to try and type over her pristine body.

I sent off letters of interesting stock for a possible sale.

Other than that, I didn't really do much today.  Again, Monday is paperwork day.

TUESDAY, on the other hand, is a regular data entry day :)

Unless I decide to drive to Stockton to scout for books.....


(and here you must REMIND ME that the now 19 boxes of books directly behind my desk are all there taking up space because they are first on the list for data entry.  I don't NEED no more stinkin' books!)


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