Thursday, October 1, 2009

Sometimes, you find gold among the dross

This week I've been BAD -- I've gone out book hunting every day when I SHOULD have been doing data entry (well, I do a bit of data entry every day, but instead of doing LOTS of data entry, I packed up early and went hunting).

Most days, I find SOMETHING.

Some days I find nothing worth much, but still enjoy the time spent.

And then there's the days you go out KNOWING that there's something out there for you that's gold -- not fool's gold, but REAL GOLD.

On Tuesday (yeah.... let me think - today's Thursday, right?  Yeah, Tuesday.)  I went hunting and I KNEW there was something out there. But I kept thinking I was going in the wrong direction. That I needed to go to another of my haunts and; not the place towards which the car kept driving (good sentence structure is sometimes SO AWKWARD).

I was thinking I had made a mistake and gone to the wrong place after all, since I had only found a handful of good, but not great books.  Then, on the last row I checked (I was watching my time carefully as I had to pick up kids from school and needed time to get across town) I glanced down at a PLAIN, DRAB book with gilt lettering on the title that could hardly be read as it was on the lowest shelf of the bookcase.

Even so I picked it up.  When I SAW the title,  I nearly dropped the book.

No, not going to tell you what it is yet -- I have a BUNCH of research to do to list this puppy properly -- but I'll get a blog entry on it at some point. Hopefully soon.

It's completely out of my normal area of interest, but it's definitely gold.

So the moral is -- if your gut and your car keep dragging you in a particular direction, it BEHOOVES you to go there with an open mind and to LOOK CAREFULLY.  Because sometimes you DO find gold among the dross.

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