Monday, October 5, 2009

No Slogging today -- in fact, no books processed today at all

Well, technically, that's not true. I got two books listed from my pile, but that's it. Today was clean up after the weekend day, finish the book and review that I had due (and that ALWAYS takes time) and then get ready for the scout meeting tonight. 

I'm overdoing it with the scouts again, but this year, I feel a bit less stressed about the meetings. I have a schedule worked out (which has changed ALREADY -- that's why I put it in pencil) and I have not only lots of activities and paper work for them to do (being Webelos, the boys have more actual "work" as compared to the mostly fun of the earlier scouts.

I have remembered to include my packet of M&M's for bribery purposes.

I will keep calm.

I hope to gross them out with info about poisonous snakes in California -- send them home with a tiny bit of information and somethink yucky to tell their parents. That way they'll remember what we talked about.

If all else fails, I'll make them do calisthenics.

Tomorrow I should get back to regular data entry


I have to really buckle down and work on the tax stuff. It's on my pile -- on the TOP of my pile (if you want proof, I'll take some pictures for you, but it's really there, believe me!)

This weekend was FULL

mostly doing kid stuff (two soccer games, soccer pictures and selling popcorn for the Boy Scouts) but also a day's worth of  CLEANING (which I haven't been able to do since before September) and pulling down the pool.

It's time.  It looks as if summer has gone away in a rush -- today woke up to 48 degree weather (at 5:45am) with a possible high of 72 degrees.

Right now it's 70 degrees.

Last week it was 98 degrees.

Next week, who knows, but there is a definite snap in the air and I had to pull out my extra blankets, the heating pad for keeping my hands going while I type and start on the extra cups of hot tea today.

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