Thursday, October 22, 2009

Thursday, Thursday (to the tune of Monday, Monday by the Momas & the Popas)

Again, I'm SUPPOSED to be doing data entry (and tax data entry) today.

See, that's how I get paid.  I put books online, have people look them over, and then these same people go - AHA!  Just the book I was looking for, then click the buy it now button (from which ever online bookselling source of choice they choose).

BUT  --

In order for that chain of events to happen,  I have to sit down at the computer and actually TYPE IN DESCRIPTIONS (with pictures) of said books.

I've GOT books.

Tons of books taking up more and more space behind my desk, overflowing down the hall and into the furnace cubby (well, I exaggerate a tad here. They ARE in the furnace cubby / room / whatever you want to call it), but they are NOT -- currently -- filling the hallway).

However, today was not a data entry day (again), it seemed.

I had a couple of errands to run first thing this morning, so I thought to myself (SELF, said I), that I'd take the run to Costco in the morning to get it over with (well, I got a decently priced order come in and the money dropped into my hands today) before Friday, as we're supposed to go with the Boy Scouts to Monterey, this weekend on a camping trip (at least some of us -- my husband is in the middle of mid-terms for his Masters and doesn't LIKE camping).

But Costco, in its wisdom, doesn't open to the regular public until 11:00am (not the 10:00am that I thought).
Which meant, since it's across town, that I had to fiddle around on that side of town until it DID turn 11:00am.

At which point, I could just chalk the day up for getting work done (since school lets out at 2:30pm and after that, I'm on mom time), so I did.

I DID get a note off to a librarian I just recently met online who might have some information regarding a particular book I have (and I hope to find out if this library might be in the mood to BUY books somewhere down the road).

I'm writing my blog entry, so that should count for something.

I will shortly be moving a few boxes around in order to keep trying to put away books from the last book fair.

I will secretly wish that I was attending the book fair that will go on this weekend in San Francisco instead of camping.

Then I'll take a break and maybe paint a wall. (when it's finished, I might even post a picture of it -- however far down the road that may be!)

Maybe tomorrow will be a work day.



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