Wednesday, March 10, 2010

200th post today....

First off, the jpg makes it actually look worse than it really is.  Sort of.

This book is not in the greatest shape, and for most other books, I would have just left it where I found it -- as being not nice enough condition for my stock.  HOWEVER -- this particular book, and the subject thereof, is difficult to find in any condition, good, bad or otherwise - so I picked it up.

This is one of the first books to actively research in-depth with a jaundiced eye regarding the Meadow Mountains Massacre which took place in Utah during the California Gold Rush era.  The Massacre-ees  were on their way to California via wagon train when they stopped at Mountain Meadow in Utah to water and feed their animals.
What happened next is up for debate and the subject of much controversy. Was it an Indian raid which went overboard?  Was it A Mormon inspired object lesson for others traveling through the area?

In all over 200 men, women and children were executed (they had surrendered and expected a peaceful resolution to the encounter only to be summarily murdered by the raiders). Only 17 children under the age of eight were spared ... then they were parceled out to Mormon families, along with the possessions of those who died.

There's a nicely detailed wikipedia article on the subject here: Mountain Meadows Massacre.

It's an interesting book. 

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