Thursday, March 11, 2010

Another day in the salt mines....

I haven't had a copy of this book in a while -- and this one, is not only in FINE.... condition, but is signed by Dunning.  NICE....

So today was another solid (supposedly) work day.  I was SUPPOSED to get TONS of books listed in the database and ready for the Book Fair (which is now TWO weeks away).  I think I listed four books new to stock.  I did end up with two (the one above being one of them) books where I could enter them quickly as I had already had copies in stock and the information wasn't too different.  That was probably the easiest thing to do today.

PS:  as for the Dunning / Cliff Janeway mystery above --  many who love the world of antiquarian books adore this series. Mostly, I think, for the nifty bits of trivia about rare books. Some love the prose.  Me, I tried reading the series back when it first came out (I got through Booked To Die, but barely) as the characters were (and this is personal opinion only) stiff and the plot wasn't my favorite.  After that, I pretty much stopped reading them.   BUT -- the rare book esoterica  was nice to read.

If I had my druthers, I'd pick Laurence Block's series about a used / rare book dealer any day.

Then again, I'm a self professed non(ish) mystery reader.  I don't mind mysteries, in fact, add mystery sub-plots into SF and I'm a happy camper (speaking of which I just finished re-reading Memory by Lois McMaster Bujold which is an SF mystery if there ever was one), but I like my SF / Fantasy stuff far more than straight out mysteries. 

Come to think of it though.... a dose of Mystery on PBS is something I'd watch regularly if I ever got to watch TV....

What I DIDN'T get done today was the email newsletter which I was supposed to have done and out to the masses at the beginning of this week (or LAST week even).  I've got to get that done & I keep putting it off... who knows why.

And I'm not going to get to it tomorrow, probably.... going off book hunting tomorrow (there are two places I've been meaning to hit).

And after that, it was Parent Teacher conference time at the middle school.

And once that was done, well, the boys were out of school and my time is not my own.

Now it's time to start dinner (and take out the trash) and think about doing more exercise...and get the birthday cards addressed and ready to mail... and start reading my next assignment...

Wish me happy hunting tomorrow -- so far, the last several places I've gone have been winners.

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