Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Possibly you could call it working -- but to my mind, getting books invoiced and sent out to the post office is just the tip of the iceberg of what needs to be done this week (remember that BOOK FAIR in two days?), and that's basically ALL I got done today.


Today, Son Number Two and I jostled over who got to use the computer (make that MY Computer) again. Not badly. No.  Son Number Two is being, generally, a model of a child on vacation from school. He's pleasant. He finds things to do, he's almost eating.... but when it comes to computers... well, he prefers MY computer over any other of those in the house.  Quote - your computer is faster than those OLD ones - Unquote.

How he figures that my three + year old desktop is faster than any of the other computers in the house, I haven't the foggiest notion, but he does. So when he wants to play, he wants my computer.

And as I've TOLD him for the millionth time, THIS WEEK, I HAVE TO WORK!!!(see, the exclamation points are supposed to make it stick in his head).  NEXT WEEK, I'll be much more accommodating (well, maybe not, but at least two days a week I promised him that we'd DO STUFF).

Today, I got five books processed and on the pile to be boxed.  Not the stellar stack that I was hoping for.
Tomorrow, I need to get my fingers in gear and WORK!

Oops. Forgot the skate pictures too. And I got to go out and watch him skate today. I just forgot to take pictures.  I'll have to get in gear.

We did get our free pastry munchy at Starbucks today though, as a mini-outing and brain freshener. No longer does he settle for the kid's cocoa. Oh, no. Now it's GRANDE sized cocoa with WHIPPED CREAM by the handsful. And he plowed through it in a whopping three minutes.

What next, Whale sized Cocoa?

You think Starbucks will offer something in a giant economy size?

Hopefully I'll have a year to prepare before he wants the Venti.

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