Monday, March 8, 2010

Well, that was a blur...

Last week went by in a blur of wild and wooliness. It was cold and rainy all week. We had finally finished our last weekend of Mini Season soccer with a two day tournament in Merced (both boys were at the same place -- different times, sort of, which was nice. Next year, it will probably be different).

And then it was time to start practicing for Baseball.

BUT -- you can't practice if you can't get outside.... every day we had free was a day filled with rain and wind.
No batting cage practice in that sort of weather, so we went to our baseball tryouts this Saturday with virtually NO practice (especially batting practice) at all.

It's a shame because the teams are picked based on the tryouts.  The good thing is that the coaches know that most of the boys haven't had much practice yet this year, so they take that into account.  AND, if you look at least like you know what you're supposed to do, even if you don't do it exactly right, it still counts for something.

We should get our team information this week.  I'm not sure when practices begin, but it will probably be soon.

(for me, that means I don't have much down time to finish doing the housework that got neglected for the last two months).

The good thing about it is that the boys really enjoy getting the exercise and the time with friends.

As for me, today's another Monday.  Had to wrap up all the stuff that didn't get done over the weekend, try to straighten out my desk and organize myself (not an easy task lately, it seems).

I also had a review to turn in, so that takes another hour out of the mix today.

After this, Son Number One has minimum days all week long, so I have to end my days early -- which is a real bummer as I've got TONS of things to do before the Sacramento Book Fair which is in THREE WEEKS!!  (you know, like data entry!!!)

So today is a short work day for me-- though a LONG day, as both boys have scouts so we won't be getting home till nearly 9:00pm tonight and there's lots of errands I have to run before I can get to scouts.

I have STUFF to pick up for Son Number Two's meeting today.

I promised to get back to blog entries dealing with books last week. Unfortunately, that promise had to go by the wayside since I didn't have TIME or access to my computer ... or for that matter, a BRAIN (again).

This week, I'll try to do better.  I did get in a couple of nifty books last week that I want to mention but I have to get pictures and do some basic research -- which won't be done today as I'm about ready to fly out and start the errands that MUST be done...

Oh, to have a leisurely life.  Of course, if I DID, I wouldn't know what to do with it anyway.


I'll leave you with a couple of pictures of the MUD PIT we got to play in for our games last weekend. 
It rained the night before the first day of tournament -- luckily, we didn't have rain DURING the games, but the fields were six inches deep in water the first day...

Can you guess what the second day looked like?
All the fields ended up looking like Pig Wallows, especially around the goal boxes.


And while I didn't get a close-up of Son Number One or Two covered in mud, I got a picture of Hollywood after he took a dive....


PS:  They ALL looked like this.  
Saturday night was spent soaking and cleaning the gear so it would be decent for Sunday's finals.
And then they did it all over again with double the mud!

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