Thursday, March 18, 2010

From Erin to Errands....

 Today was another errand day. Which meant that the only book work to get done was balancing the check book before taking off on more errands. Oh, and packing a few books to ship out.

All told, not one of my more productive days.

And the MESS that is getting ready for a book fair has multiplied and spread.  Last night, I pulled the fold up table into the living room (where the TV is) and got a small stack of dust jackets covered and ready for boxing for the fair. Normally, I start this process at least two weeks in advance so I can do a bit at a time. Mostly, I try to keep my book mess to an area away from regular living space -- and KIDS. But, had to take a break and sit down for a while last night to cover the books, so the mess moved with me.  Hopefully, by Wednesday next week, the mess will be contained in lidded boxes, ready to be stuffed into the van (Wednesday is also seat removal day -- taking the hefty seats out of the van and cleaning it in preparation for boxes & book cases).

I'm going to try and remove my mess from the living room tonight.

Yeah.  That'll be possible.

More errands cut into that this afternoon; first its hair cuts for the boys (and Son Number One is actually thinking about cutting that stringy mop of long hair OFF this time. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!), and then home for quick dinner (what, I don't know) before baseball practice.  After that, some quick homework (or before practice, we'll see) and that's the end of the day.

And just to make this post more visual...
This is one of the most recent fun finds which is going to the book fair with me.
I'll post about it, with some research and background when I get back. Until then, you'll have to settle for the picture.

This was another fun find from the same location. I've had other early Margaret Wise Brown titles, but not this one.  Again, I'll blog more about it after the fair.

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