Monday, March 22, 2010

Four Days until Sacramento Book Fair

Today was, of course, Monday again, so I spent time taking care of things left over from the weekend (as always). Today, however, was also the first day of Son Number Two's spring vacation -- AND I had a review to write.  Which meant that less than normal amounts of book stuff got done.

We did take time to go pick out a new pair of inline skates -- I had seen them at a local thrift store about two weeks ago but didn't pick them up for the  boys.... found out yesterday from Son Number Two that the one pair we did have was kaput. So, now instead of getting an extra pair so both boys could race each other, we are back down to one working pair.  Sigh.

Tomorrow I'll have to get a picture of Son Number Two doing death-defying stunts (not really) on the new skates.

In the meantime, since I couldn't really get work done, I took the boys to the batting cages today for a bit of batting practice (and no, even though I wanted to, I didn't do any batting myself) and then it's on to Boy Scouts tonight.

I'm hoping that I can get LOTS of data entry done tomorrow, because after that, it's going to be hit-and-miss the rest of the week.  And nights are all accounted for (again). Baseball practice every night except Wednesday.

And that's the way the week is going to go....

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