Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Erin Go Bragh!

Ok, That's the complete extent of my spoken (or written) Gaelic.

Somewhere in the dim recesses of history, I have some relatives who have Irish blood in them, but not many and not in the very recent past. I do not have curly hair in any way shape or form, and my red-headedness is purely wish fulfillment. Nevertheless, I'm a Happy Irish-person for one day a year.  I wear green. In the past I've made Corned beef and cabbage or Irish Stew along with a trial of Irish soda bread, which either was a rotten recipe, or just not too my taste. This year, I'm being obstinate, and mostly lazy since I didn't get to the grocery store to make any of these.  I didn't even turn my eggs green this morning in celebration.

I still don't know what's for dinner tonight -- in fact, it's closing in on 2:00PM and I'm not even sure what I'm having for lunch. This of course, is not really a good thing. I just can't find anything in the house that I want, and haven't yet gone out to face the masses at the grocery store to see what's out there.

I did get books listed though. At least some books.  I was hoping for a STACK a mile high, but the fact is, no matter what, your fingers can only go so fast, especially if you have to stop to research something.

I need to get another picture of my workroom posted -- it looks strikingly similar to the picture I took before the last book fair, and the book fair before that, and so on, and so on....

In my mind, I keep trying to find a way to RID THE ROOM OF BOXES ( if you put it in capital letters, it shows your seriousness, right?).  AND, after I get the boxes moved ELSEWHERE (as if elsewhere will actually take care of the problem), then I can clean, and BEAUTIFY the room.

Yeah, right.

I wish.

It's now officially one week plus a few days until book fair set-up day arrives and I've got BOXES of books that I want to bring which haven't been processed. BUT, since this month has definitely slowed down, I don't want to neglect my chance at on-line sales (you know, to pay the grocery bill -- see above). So I'm doing generally complete data entry on each item that I want to take, AND adding it on line to help spur some sales.

Yesterday, I spend most of my work morning putting together and mailing out my monthly e-mail newsletter.  (The putting together doesn't take that much time, but because of restrictions regarding spamming, the sending part takes a great deal longer... and makes my fingers sore from constant mouse clicking, which is another reason why my output today is slower.)

Oh, and yesterday was the first day of Son Number One's baseball practice -- Son Number Two  had his on Monday, with a coach we know and love (the unfortunate part is that one of the practice days happens to be MONDAY, which, if you keep up here, you know is our day for SCOUTS -- this means we have to either miss baseball practice a couple of days a month, OR miss scouts -- and since I'm the den leader....well, we miss baseball practice).

So Son Number One is on a team that seems quite sharp. Don't ask me how he got on this team, he did OK at his tryouts, but I didn't think he was fantastic since we didn't have time for ANY practice beforehand,  but the coaches thought he might be mold-able, I guess.  Lucky for him. He's got FOUR coaches (conditioning, hitting, fielding, and something else I can't remember) and so far, he's bouncing around like a happy puppy.  I think we might have lucked out again with teams this year.

And, since I can't really come up with some Irish books for you, here are some pictures of books entered into the database today (which, coincidentally, means that they are FOR SALE!)

Mostly Childrens picture books because they're quick
and at this fair they tend to sell well.

But there are a few (at least today) of other
exotic items tossed in to keep the boredom down.

This last one is an early auto-biography by the sister of Gypsie Rose Lee,
you know, the famous stripper. Her sister had great fame when 
she was just tiny, but by the time she was fourteen, she was a washout.
And married, and broke. 
Sad story.

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