Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Day Dreaming of book scouting...

I'd really love to spend the day out book scouting. I had the urge this morning to grab the car keys, pack the boys up and just hit the road.... where? who cares. As long as in the end there's a few book spots to stop at and an ice cream sundae to consume for energy....

But... instead I've been a good book dealer who stayed at home, entered some more data (nine books listed, two sold), is planning on working on more of February's tax info to get back to keeping better tabs on the year, and looking up ideas for our Fourth of July float for the parade (boy scout stuff... I happened to stick my hand up AGAIN for float duty and this year I get to do most of the design conception work ... at which I'm horrible!)

So no flying off with the breezes today. But in my mind, I'm out on the dusty road (in 100 degree heat today), searching for the next great find to add to my website stock.

It's amazing how romantically exciting the job of a bookseller can sound -- until you get to the part where you have your rear end parked on a seat, staring at the computer screen for hours on end, madly typing away.

That part is just plain slog work.

Tomorrow is out because my favorite spot up the road closes on Thursdays to restock, but Friday....

Well, we'll see where the wind takes me (and the boys) that day.

Wish me luck!

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