Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Little Bear's Playtime by Frances Margaret Fox

The date on this book is 1935 (it's not a first, that would have been 1932, but it's charming all the same). The book includes a series of short vignettes / stories about Little Bear and is illustrated with both black and white and full color plates by Frances Beem. The stories range from: Little Bear's Nearest Way Home, to How the Three Bears Ate Supper Together, to When Old Neighbor Spider Helped Little Bear.

I liked that Mother Bear wanted the family to all eat together -- something we do try to do at home, but because there are four, and sometimes five different schedules to keep track of, not really possible all the time. Here's what Mother Bear says: "Families should be together at mealtime, especially at supper," said Mother Bear. In the case of this story, Mother Bear's reminder came because Little Bear went out to the forest to explore & forgot to come home for supper. He found every stream, tree, leaf and bug to be so interesting that he couldn't help but forget the time.

Nice thought. It's something we should be remembering to do today. Pay attention to what's around us & find it so interesting that we can't pull ourselves away (nature please... NOT computers!)

At any rate, this group of stories can be read today both for their easy reading, fun value for children, but for adults as a reminder of what life COULD be like when we're not plugged in & tuned out.


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