Friday, June 26, 2009

Hard at work... almost

Well I didn't take off for the wilds of the open road today as I thought I might. Instead I got three books listed, cleaned up a little, took some pictures for the next batch of books to list and THEN played a tiny bit of hooky. Son number one went to work with his dad. Son number two went swimming with friends for a while this afternoon, so That's when I hit the road....

Except, it was still in Modesto.

And it was only an hour.

BUT, it was fun. Found a very small stack of books.

I still wish I could fly off to exotic parts and magically find $3,000. books lying in wait for me at 10cent prices....

Maybe that's just an early summer daydream.

Maybe it's because I'm feeling a bit cooped up at home with the WHOLE family here (though generally we've all been behaving well).

Maybe it's because data entry is tiresome, eye-straining and rather boring....

Whatever it is, I have to figure out a way around it & get BACK TO WORK!!!!

Hey, at least I finished February's stats. I think that's a bonus.

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