Thursday, June 18, 2009

We're Baaaaccckkk.... well, partly

Cub Scout camping is done -- son number two (who is now a Webelos 1) and I are back from camp. Son number one (who became a boy scout this year) has today & Friday still to go. Supposedly coming home Friday night (instead of staying over til Saturday morning to pack up and leave), should arrive home filthy dirty, tired and energized with five or six Merit Badges sometime around 1AM on Saturday morning.


I hear that, except for the cats being their rowdy selves, the house with just two adults was VERY QUIET (and that they LIKED it that way!)

I'm hoping to have a few pictures to put up.

Question -- For son number two, I was there to get photos of fun stuff. What do you do for the son who isn't with you? Give him a cheap camera and ask friends to take pictures? Hmmmm...

PS: Someone on Facebook thought it would be good to have the entire article posted to my blog as those are swept (in some weird computer way) by the Computer Gods & this will help with my website (supposedly.... )

So for the moment, I'm posting the link to the actual article. Hopefully, if I get a chance this week, I'll post the entire (LONG) thing.


Here's the link: Madeleine L'Engle: Time, Space and the Tesseract

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