Friday, June 19, 2009

Goofy Scout photos... and more

So why is it that young-ish boys when asked to pose for a photo HAVE to stick their tongues out? And this particular goofy boy always finds an even weirder way than normal to stick out that appendage...

Son number 2 was a bit ambivalent about going to Scout camp this time and his attitude went up and down a bit (down especially when hungry... and he's growing, so that's ALWAYS...). But in the end, he really did enjoy himself. I hear snippets of things he's learned in his discussions with friends and with his dad, so I know some things stuck in his brain.

This year's theme for Scout Camp was Native Americans, so we had Indian Lore, fun Indian crafts and lots of feathers (thanks to a GREAT leader for our den... I was an assistant leader for it last year & we sure could have used some extra stuff like this for our group).

As always, there was B-B Gun shooting and Archery lessons which we all enjoyed. Son number 2 earned at least three Webelos pins and a handful of beltloops and academic pins -- in three days time -- they stuffed him full of work and fun and it Exhausted our brains!

Here's goofy tongue photo number two. I left out others. And the ones showing his backside to the camera for obvious reasons.

Here's me -- I actually got son number two to take a decent picture of me and my bull's eye --

One of the shots hit the X, the other landed in the 10 point area. GO MOM!

I didn't get to shoot the B-B gun though. Not this time. Maybe next year.

We have one & a half years of Webelos before son number 2 joins his brother in BOY scouts. I'm looking forward to all of it.


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