Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Back down to earth and to business...

Monday was the day to enter all the invoices and update the database both at home and online for the actual sales (Yeah!) made during the San Francisco Book Fair. Then it was on to emptying out the van of boxes, bookcases, etc. so that I could fit the boys back in for Scouting that night.

Yesterday, it was clean-up stuff that hadn't gotten done on Monday (or Friday, Saturday and Sunday).  I was also SUPPOSED to be doing some of the phone calling, email writing, etc. that needed to be done either for work, home or scouts. Some got done. Some didn't, which pushed it on to today.

Today, however, I had no excuses. I HAD to get back to real work. (and by that I mean data entry, paperwork, daily grind stuff).
And BILL paying.... which is no fun, but has to be done anyway.

So that's what I did.

And I've got a pile of done books to the side of my desk to prove it.  I've also emptied four boxes of books from the fair already  -- it helps that my Mother-In-Law and my husband's family are coming for birthday party stuff in two weeks time -- that' gives me incentive to get the boxes unpacked, the shelves up and neat....


Yup, the painting of the walls in the bathroom has been put off for one reason or another since NOVEMBER. So, with people encroaching (people who matter-- people who USE bathrooms...) the bathroom WILL be finished by the 20th.  So say I.

After that, it's data entry drudge work for a couple of weeks and then guess what.... another BOOK FAIR. This one should be less pressure, it's in Sacramento and it's not as fancy as the SF book fair and I don't feeled as pressured to have GOOD STUFF (underlined, and intoned in a deep voice).

It would be nice to have NEW stuff though.


Here are a few shots of interesting books that came back from the fair that I think should have found ready homes:

A wonderful Art Deco style illustrated book of children's poems, etc. by J. Paget Fredericks. Black and white and color illustrations that are just so exquisite.

Irwin Shapiro's Jonathan and the Dragon illustrated by Tom Vroman. A classic and a great dragon book.

Who can live without the actual lyrics to the early Sesame Street songs?

Not me. It includes The Pigeon, my all time favorite Sesame Street song.

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