Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I have my computer back!

So, all is not lost. My computer made it through surgery with nary a hiccough (well.... it made it through, I'm the one who almost didn't).

It only needed a repair. Also received a much needed cleaning  / dust removal (yeah, I WILL clean it out every six  months or so... really!) and backing up of old, yet important information / jpgs, etc.

The guys who did the job got paid AND a can of Boy Scout caramel corn popcorn in thanks.

We cleaned the desk (I know it's electrostatics that cause the dust to accumulate -- well, my husband knew it was-- but MAN my desk turns into dust bunny heaven at the drop of a hat.), plugged everything back in and it's working fine now. In fact, it's running much faster (overloaded the desktop too, he said).

I'm still trying to decide if I should let Sons Number One and Two back onto the machine.  We've had LONG talks about what this machine can handle, but they STILL don't seem to get that it's old and NOT a heavy graphics machine.

AND Son number Two (while at the  computer repair store) said.... MOM, for my birthday, you can get me A NEW COMPUTER!

Yeah, if I CAN'T buy a new one for myself, how do you think I'll get one for you?


Now it's back to work. Especially data entry.

AND cleaning the house for my mother-in-law's visit this coming weekend.

Life it good.

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