Saturday, February 20, 2010


There was a time when we actually got a bit of time in the morning on weekends to sit around, read the paper, eat leisurely breakfasts, then figure out what to do with the days...
(Of  course the down-side to this is that if we DON'T have a schedule for the day, the boys get discombobulated and start to act weird).

So --

for the last eight (?) weeks, we've been up at 6:00 - 6:30AM and out the door by 7:00AM for soccer games.

Today was no exception. Son Number Two had a make-up game today for a game that got rained-out earlier in the season. Son Number One didn't so he stayed home and helped clean the house for company this afternoon and tomorrow.

There were PLANS made and written down for all of us.  There were repairs that had to be done.
There were two soccer games to play.

And -- for some reason, by this afternoon, ALL of us were cranky and snappy and discombobulated.

Probably because we all get nervous having company over (with four of the five extended members of the family being introverts of one degree or another, company is something we do rather infrequently and not necessarily well).

As for the soccer today -- first game was a tie and the team was looking decent. Not their best game, but they seemed to be pulled together and working as a team.

The second game came after an hour break -- we lost three boys to other activities that they had going -- and the teamwork part fizzled and died.
Son Number Two was sent to defense. He HATES defense (with a passion) and made his feelings known LOUDLY and OFTEN. In the end, he didn't play the entire second half of the game and made such a fuss that we'll have to do a LOT of apologizing next week when we go to practice.

That seemed to be the start of the crankiness.  However, when we got home, Son Number Two was a bit whiny and Favored Husband was worse.

By the way, it's HIS mother who is coming to visit. We deal with MY mother on a daily basis.

I'm hoping that things work themselves out before 5:00PM comes around and they get here.  If not...well....

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