Friday, February 12, 2010

Oh Yeah, I'm the Taxman...

Well, not really, but I got to see my accountant today and took care of taxes for the year. (ALL DONE!!!)
It was quick and easy this time.  I mostly remembered the things I had forgotten to bring along last year and the ones I forgot, I was able to phone home and get because my husband had the day off today. So it's all done and I'm set to start work on THIS year's books now.

In honor of that, I think I'm going to try and really switch over to QuickBooks Pro this year.  For eons I've used a copy Quicken (2000 edition, actually, so not eons, but decades, at least) which is simple and does just what I want, but I need to learn QuickBooks, in case I'm actually hired at a REAL job, and, like, you know, it's good to keep up with technology, even in baby steps sometimes.

Yesterday, instead of processing a bunch of new stock  (or stock from the book fair that needs to go out on my website), I ended up figuring out what my Webelos scouts have been doing for the past three months -- I got some new worksheets to help keep track of things better (yeah... needed that) then transferred that info over. Took WAY longer than expected, but hopefully now I'll be better able to keep up through the rest of my stint as Webelos leader.  We've actually accomplished quite a bit of work in the last several months, which is nice.  We still have more to go, but we won't have to do a mad dash next year to get everything done before we head on up to Boy Scouts.

Oh, and going back to the tax info for a moment....

One of the things I have to do every year is an inventory of what I HAVE for tax purposes. 
I counted the boxes in my office (and in the hall way, and in the furnace room, and elsewhere.....).

Last year I had 40 boxes of unprocessed books that still needed to be dealt with.

This year....

SEVENTY BOXES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I have been doing a bad job of keeping up and that has got to STOP.

So, this year is going to be a clean up, pull out, either put those puppies in the database and sell them, or get them OUT.

I'm also going to try very hard to go through OLDER stock (you, know, the books I've had on the shelves for 15 YEARS...) and get them out too.  I'm out of shelf space, I'm sick of looking at them (they stare at me in their free time, of which they have an abundance), and they need to find better homes, so boot, out they go.

REMIND ME of this promise somewhere in June, when I haven't gotten to the job yet, will you?

And as today was taken up with Tax stuff, I didn't get a chance to do any data entry today either so far.  Sigh.

Tomorrow there are four soccer games (close by each other, sort of, geographically speaking) so I'm hoping to make it to three of the four -- cheering my lungs out as always).

Sunday, I'm going to finish painting the bathroom (yes, it's closer than it has ever been to being painted) and put away more boxes of stock from the book fair.  Next week is crunch week -- my Mother-in-Law will be here on Saturday (20th) and everything needs to be polished up, cleaned, put away and ready for PEOPLE in the house.

After that, I'm hoping to have some serious time to work on BOOKS!

Seventy Boxes of books -- WHAT WAS I THINKING???!!!

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