Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A few photos for the heck of it.

Partly because I like photos in blogs, and partly because .... well, I just feel like it.

It's not the best picture, but Son Number One is on the left (you're left) in the oversized robe looking a bit shell-shocked.  This is his first stint as accolyte. He's definitely growing up.
(PS: some members of the congregation asked why his brother wasn't up there with him -- honestly.... he's NINE and being stuck next to his BROTHER  and having to sit STILL AND BEHAVE?  Nah....!)

These two cats have spent the better part of the year as mortal enemies (well, technically, Shadow, the one at the back of the picture, was the one who spent the year hissing and running. Izzy, the one in front, playfully would bound up to Shadow and TRY VERY HARD to make friends.) This is the first time in memory the two have sat anywhere near each other.  I think an armed truce has occurred.

Smiling Izzy.

Puff is inside the bag. Izzy is peering in.
Finally cleaning up the last of the Christmas bags. I thought I'd give them something to play with.
It worked.

 Unfortunately, you can see some of the boxes of books packing my workroom from this shot.
I'm officially insane.

PS:  About an hour into playing, Puff got herself stuck in the bag and I saw her tearing off into the bedroom with this thing stuck upright on top of her.
Poor cat.

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