Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Spinning my wheels....

It really feels like I'm getting NOTHING done, even when I sit at the computer for hours at a time.

Today, I did end up emptying out two boxes of books from the fair, but mostly, I just put new pictures with old descriptions and send them off again to the online databases.

I listed three new books.

I emailed a bit (responded to orders, sent invoices, etc.).


that was it.

I sat down at the computer at 9:30 (approximately -- had a bunch of house cleaning that had to be done first....and MORE housecleaning that needs to be done before this Saturday when company is coming). I finished at 1:55 (approximately again, ) so I can pick up Sons Number One and Two from school....

And that's pretty much the end of my work day.

I will try to pull the pile of books from the list I compiled -- it's a list of the first 200 books in my database.... but of those, this list includes only the titles that are STILL AVAILABLE!!!  42 books have been sitting on my shelves since sometime around 1996/1997.

I'm going to pull them, send them to Ebay, or list them for cheap on one of the newsgroups, then give them two weeks or a month (Ebay fixed listings are one month) and then I'm DONATING THEM.


See, one of the things I need to do this year is clean out old stock that's stuck in my database, AND make space on the shelves.

Since I have limited space in my house, there needs to be some coherent plan to REMOVE the beasts once it's clear that I'm not the appropriate person to sell them.  I'm not saying they are bad books. In fact, the reason they are still on the shelves this long is because I've checked them over several times and still think they're good books.

But there comes a time....

when I need to be realistic.

So I'm going to take the time to finally do this.


This is book number 7 in my database. This is the first book on the list of STILL Available.

Book number 11.

Book number 14.


Not BAD books -- just books that for some reason want to stick around and enjoy the ambiance.

Well, no more ambiance for them.

Out they go.

Hopefully I'll get some time this afternoon to stick them up on Ebay.

And now a complete change of subject --

Next week, I PROMISE to find some time to so some research on a book or topic and blog about it.


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