Monday, February 22, 2010

Monday Monday, La La,, La, La La La (huming to the Mama's and the Papas...)

So --

We all survived our long weekend.

It was fun.

The house was actually clean for most of the two days. However, the new football which was the birthday gift for Son Number One meant that both boys had to go outside in the MUD... let me repeat that MMMMUUUUDDD!!!!  numerous times, which meant they clumped back inside, brown and gooshy from waist to toes. They then had to change clothing EACH TIME they played.

They played football at least four times on Saturday (and this is after Son Number Two came home brown from face to cleats from his soccer games), and five or six times on Sunday.

The dirty clothes pile is sky-high right now and there was a fracas this morning regarding the lack of clean pants to wear to school.  Which one of them remembered that they needed clean clothes for school and that since we had company....?  Neither of them.



Much food was eaten (too much for my poor tummy). Lots of stories were told. It was very nice.

I have some pictures but I have to see if I got any that aren't blurry before I put them up.

And for today.... well, today was bill paying day.

And after that, it was invoices done, calls made, plans figured....

And this evening, there's going to be pizza for the scouts and a basketball game with the boys on one team and the parents on the other.

Hopefully no parents will be harmed in the process.
If I'm lucky, I'll get incriminating pictures!

Tomorrow, it's back to data entry.