Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A melange of Musings....

First off, I didn't get a chance to do this before today, but my friend, Christine Lowenstein just finished, and has in-hand her first ever printed catalogue of books for sale. This catalogue is a complete knock-out. It covers Books by and about Dante Alighieri. Congrats Chris!  Chris's catalogue.

Second, Son number one won both of his games on Saturday -- and therefore was awarded his current favorite... chocolate cream pie from Marie Callendar's. Don't ask me why, but lately he's walking around saying...."I like PIE!!"  He's very happy with his pie now and that's fine by me.  On a sadder note, son number two's team lost both of their games, however, it wasn't all bad because by the second game they were starting to work together much more like a team. Much improvement was made which makes the boys, their loudly cheering moms and dads, and their coaches very happy.

Third -- I don't know if I've mentioned my asthma much on this website. It's a chronic illness I have and it won't go away, but it is generally speaking, under control.  What I've found, though is that my version of asthma (I have not had to rush to the hospital because I'm blue and can't take a single breath nor have I had to do that for my sons either, for which I am very thankful) is sort of insidious -- IE: I can't really feel if I'm having a problem until it starts to really affect me in weird ways....

like this week.  I thought I was feeling down and tired and draggy, and unable to remember anything that I haven't written down and stapled to my forehead because I've got a LOT on my plate; because the cold weather at the soccer games is not fun; and because I'm somewhat anxious about the Book Fair that's coming up in TWO DAYS.

Last night, I finally tried one of my last resort options for asthma medicine (before hanging my head in shame and visiting my doctor) and found that I could actually THINK this morning. 


I find out AFTER I start to think I'm going crazy, that it's me not getting enough oxygen.


SO -- fair warning-- If you ever find me dragging around,  acting like I'm depressed or completely clueless and not able to remember things -- TELL ME TO CHECK MY BREATHING!


Fourth -- Did I MENTION that the Book Fair in San Francisco is in TWO DAYS?

No, well it is. I'm not READY.... I'm not READY! (whine, whine, moan, gripe.)

I WILL BE READY by Friday though.


I'll even have directions printed out (because I tend to forget exactly where it is I'm going every time I do this fair). I'll also have both boys organized for their soccer games on Saturday and try to get some food ready for dinners before I leave (yeah, right...they can fend for themselves!)

I'll try to keep updating the blog throughout all this, but right now I can't make any promises.

Wish me LUCK!


Chris said...

Thanks for the nice comment about and link to my catalogue. I look forward to seeing you in San Francisco Friday! We're going to have a great time.

ANudge said...

Here's wishing you luck with all to do by friday - fortunately it is Monday.

Stay healthy,