Saturday, January 30, 2010

Stuck in GALT.... again... (humming the Creedence Clearwater Revival tune)

We're chillin' now (as the young folk say).

Son number two and I are sitting in the McDonalds in Galt (which is right up the road from Lodi ...and the old song starts to chime in here... stuck in LODI again...)

Well, we're not exactly stuck, but close.  Son number two's soccer games today are in Galt. First one was at 9:00AM .... the second is not until 1:00PM.

So since  it's not worth the time, effort or gas to drive back home (it's an hour each way), we're chillin' in  Galt.

In the McDonalds.

Using their free WiFi (sort of).

I tried to get son number two to stop in at a thrift store I found while driving around, but NO...NO... he's not interested in that (and very LOUD about it too, I might add).

Son number one is in Merced today. His game should be just starting. His first game was at 11:00, the second at 2:00.

I haven't heard anything from him yet (it's not even half-time for that game).

You can only do so much in a McDonald's before you start to get a bit twitchy.  I've gotten to that point.

So I'm humming, and thinking that we only have one more hour's wait...


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