Friday, January 8, 2010

Amazon and the database .... grrrr....

So I THOUGHT I was going to do a quick fixer-upper on my data -- I found out that changes I had made to descriptions during the last, oh, five YEARS  weren't being changed. The listings were being updated, but the changes to the description were NOT. For some reason, Amazon looked at the listings and decided to just ignore changes.

I thought I would just go in, send a quick purge to Amazon then replace everything. It should take (I told myself) about 20 minutes. Tops.

Yeah.... well...

It didn't.

So far, I'm on hour two and at this point, I just hope I can get my data back ON Amazon before I have to pack up for the day.

I ALSO thought, since I was in a thinking mood (and a cleaning up mood) that I'd work on cleaning up some jpgs on my website ....

(I found out last week that some of my jpgs from years gone by had mysteriously squished themselves into something else -- so I thought I'd take care of that in a few flicks of my fingers as well. ON THE SAME DAY!!!)

What was I THINKING!

Obviously, I was NOT thinking.

And now I'm paying the price for it.


It's lucky that I put a few books online yesterday, otherwise I would  be muttering about the fact that I didn't get any listings up for the whole week.)

AND, to top it all off, I'm completely bummed because it looks like I won't be able to make it to the San Francisco Book Fair in February (as an exhibitor). I WANT TO GOOOOO.....


I need somebody to come and kick me in the rear and restart my day.

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