Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Books, books, books.

It's a rotten view, but this is what my work room floor looked like for at least one day last week.

Getting ready for book fairs puts me in a frenzy of trying to find books that call to me (TAKE ME, TAKE ME!!! they cry. I'll SELL!)

Then, since I haven't got them in the database, I have to at least put the author & title in before I can spiff them up and box them neatly to go in the van.

I've got two weeks. (Possibly just over two weeks, but I'm fuzzy on the days right now. Four soccer practices a week plus four games each Saturday (there are two games per boy per Saturday), plus scouts, plus book fair AND the dreaded taxes which aren't yet finished are drowning out the details of days.

Luckily, I've been able to move things around so it's not quite this bad, but....

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Chuck Whiting said...

Looks like you got into my office and took a picture. I did the Austin Book Show last weekend and one of your El Ninos seemed to have strayed into Texas and followed me all the way from Houston to Austin. Loading and unloading in the rain was no fun, but the books stayed dry. Hope you have fair weather for the fair and more than a fair number of sales!