Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

First off, I'd like to thank everyone who reads this blog for the time you take to read it -- I'd love to hear more comments from the peanut gallery (and get ideas on what to write).

My resolution for the blog for the year is to continue to write -- and write MORE OFTEN as I'm able.

(you might notice that the last blog entry was on December 16th - well, even my best efforts weren't enough to keep the blog going after everyone of the household was on vacation at the same time, the fact that we were all competing for computer time, that we had LOADS of things to do... sort of... while we were all off, and that I got very tired and a bit sick, which meant that my brain just wasn't up to blogging).

I've also been thinking (during the down time) about how I want to use the blog during this new year.

I'd really like to be able to highlight books that are new to my stock (which I've been trying to do) AND to sell off some of my older (but still good) stock. So, to that end, I might end up doing two blog posts a day which are a bit shorter. One for new stuff, one for old.

Please feel free to chime in on this idea -- or if you have any other ideas you think might be good.

Here's to a wonderful, blog-filled New Year!


dawt said...

A very Happy New Year to you as well!

I like your resolution to post more often, I have resolved to do the same. I blog in such a sporadic manner that it's no wonder it is basically left unread by anyone but close family. (Interesting content is vital, I know, so, of course, I'll work on that as well.)

My question to you is, if you find yourself unable to keep up with one blog, why is it you are thinking of starting a second? I ask this in my most sincere voice and mean no disrespect. I see this idea as a way of possibly setting yourself up for yet more self-flogging about not posting, only doubly-so.

I've enjoyed reading your blog and have learned much. Thank you for sharing what you know and enriching the lives of your readers.

chanursteph said...

Dear Dawt:

As for the second blog -- mostly I was thinking about making one blog strictly book oriented while the other was personal / family related. You're right though. Every time I think I should split the two up, well, I know I'll never get time to work on both sufficiently. Also, I find that the blogs I love to read most include not only work related stuff, but personal bits as well. Thanks for the note!

Chuck Whiting said...

I've been reading your blog most of this year or since I first found it in early 2009. I like your format as is and understand the occasional gaps between posts. I'm a bookseller also and try to maintain three blogs, none of which deal with bookselling. Well, a little of my bookselling life leaks out here and there--it has to--but bookselling was not the focus. However, bookselling begat the blogging. I've thought I'd like to do more like what you do. I relate to so many of the things you write about pertaining to bookselling. The pictures of your office space hit home particularly hard (ouch!) as I recently bought about a thousand books and seem to want to have them all in my office to pore over. But the blogs... they get updated as time permits and there are often big gaps between posts. The newest blog about ephemera suffers the most and has just a few posts. I would encourage you to do what you feel comfortable with and to stay with your present format. It works for you. If I started trying your format, I'm not sure it would work for me. Having said that, I would also encourage you to give the alternating posts a shot, if the urge is strong, and see what shakes out. You never know--it might suit you better. Best of luck in 2010!

dawt said...

"Also, I find that the blogs I love to read most include not only work related stuff, but personal bits as well."

EXACTLY. This is why I am drawn to your blog, a little of this, a little of that. I like it when I unexpectedly discover something about the writer in the midst of whatever it is they've written.

Chuck was right to encourage you to give doing more than one blog a try. You never know what it will inspire you to do next!