Wednesday, January 20, 2010

More Rain

Much more Rain (There's a boy scout skit where the main chant line is - MORE RAISINS, MUCH MORE RAISINS! and I find myself chanting that while exchanging Rain for Raisins today -- ps: If you're not a scout and haven't seen the skit, well, it's a good one).

So the rain continued to pelt down today. While I can't personally attest to the 60mph winds clocked in the Sacramento area,  the winds did howl mightily outside my window as the rain came down in big wet,  missile-like drops.

(I wanted son number two to go outside and take pictures of the flooded streets, but as he'd rather ride his bike through them and get soaked, I'll have to trudge out and do it myself).

Still working my way through the end of the taxes for the year. Finished October last night and now it's on to November and December... hoping that by the time I pull the info all together for the year, it will actually balance.

Stuffing books in boxes for the book fair too.

I raided my own collection ( sigh... whimper) again.  This time, the sacred C. J. Cherryh material, plus a few others is making its way into the sell pile.

On the other hand, I'm sort of happy with the SF books I've got to take along.

Haven't finished with the Modern Fiction boxes yet, nor started the youth stuff, but hopefully I'll have some good stuff that other dealers don't.  (PS: That's the key, you know.... being able to bring books that no other dealers have AND.... AND... AND having the customers who were LOOKING for those books show up with cash in hand.)

No soccer practice tonight. Not only are the fields completely flooded, but the lightning and thunder mean it's not safe to be out (just to let you know, California, at least central CA hardly ever sees lightning and never on a grand scale. No lightning storms here.  No tornadoes either. But we do get earthquakes -- ya'll can see how deadly those are....).  We have games scheduled for Saturday -- we'll have to see if they'll be canceled or not.

And now it's back to taxes.

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