Friday, January 15, 2010

Quick SF update...

Ok. It was a good thing I ended up calling the promoters of the SF book fair...

Turns out, they had a shortened version of my email, which is why their emails kept bouncing and they thought I was a loon.

All is well now. I've called in to confirm AND mailed in the sheet with the updated email address so I should be back on the list.


Now all I have to do is get PREPARED (mentally, physically and book-y) and be ready to go in THREE WEEKS!!!

Wish me luck.
(oh, and to make it even better, come and BUY BOOKS!)

PS:  I've been going through those ever increasing backlog of boxes of books for this fair. WHY do I keep doing this?  I want to bring new, exotic stuff to these fairs, but every time I go through the boxes, I find stuff that is quick, easy and painless to put online for regular stock....which is waiting, and waiting, and waiting to be listed.  SOON.  I promise.

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