Thursday, January 21, 2010

Still Raining...

More rain today.  No pictures of completely flooded streets yet, but that's because I wasn't out with the camera. getting from home to school, to school to home again this morning meant having to whoosh through streets where the water pooled from one curb to the other. No three foot deep parking lot lakes yet (Modesto has a strange California water run-off system... at least in the central valley. The cities use rock wells which gather the water and percolate it down, but it can take hours or days if there's water in the ground already, so by the third day of soaking down rain, the streets flood, the parking lots of unfortunate strip malls, and other low-lying areas turn into lakes).

There's still MORE rain supposedly coming tomorrow. Today wasn't the thundering, windy mess of yesterday, but the rain, though more gentle, was constant.

Soccer practice was canceled again today and tomorrow -- the fields have turned into mud pits -- and the boys have started to growl and fidget since they don't have any physical outlet. (They can't even really play during recess because of the puddles of rain)  It's starting to be a problem.  There's supposed to be a break and SUNSHINE this weekend, but more rain next week (possibly). 

The soccer games set for this weekend are still on -- we'll see about that by tomorrow.  If they're a go, then we'll be out, wind, rain, sun and cold!

The SF Book Fair is officially two weeks away now.  I'm feeling more prepared, but I have BOXES of books to get through before then.


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