Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Another Day, Another Dollar.... or, just more bookkeeping

For some reason, I wanted to call this post The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly, but since I can't think of anything truly ugly, I'll just have to pass on the Clint Eastwood quotes.  (for now)

This morning, actually, this week, I've had a boatload-full of busywork things (plus taxes, but I'll get to that in a moment) that just NEEDED to be done. I've made little lists to stick in front of me on my desk, then made notes and stuck them on top of my lists, then the desk got so littered with post-it notes that I had to stop and combine everything into REVISED lists.

The good thing is that I've crossed off a few of those list items.

The phone calls that REALLY HAD TO BE MADE (but I HATE doing).... well, all but one are DONE!

(The last one is calling the contractor back -- after talking to the insurance company AGAIN -- to see if he can figure out why the shower STILL leaks after we caulked it again.  Putting if off means that we have to troop downstairs to use the other shower, but that's not too awful -- I just can't face having people wandering around and poking and tearing at things while TAXES loom over me like a big black, angry cloud.

Speaking of Taxes--

I have NEVER taken this long to get my financial papers in order.  There's just something about this year... either that, or the fact that I am still feeling under the weather (but not bad enough to really want to do anything about it) is making me procrastinate.

So -- as for under  weather is concerned... Pseudofed definitely helps. But I'm still feeling blech....

I finished November's tax info and started on December last night.  That's the good news.  It WILL GET DONE IN TIME (hear that? was that loud enough, brain?)

I'm also working on putting dust jacket covers on new stock to take to the book fair NEXT WEEK(Yikes!).
I'm running out of 10"covers. AND empty boxes.
It was the last 250 books I bought that have drug me to the edge of the box precipice. I don't want to buy boxes OR covers, so I'm slyly working around that.... for now.
Next week, well... I might have to rethink.

Back to the list on my desk (the revised, updated, 2nd edition, 4th state list):

A couple of the things I had to  deal with for the boys are done.
I went to the Boy Scout office and not only picked up the merit badge books that we needed a month ago, I also got the information I needed for one of my Cub Scout parents.

The list, however, is still long.
(and topping that list is.... can you guess.... TAXES!)

Down the way a bit is finding a copy of the 5th season of Buffy the Vampire slayer. For me, the easiest way to work on taxes (and keep me sitting in the chair for more than five minutes) is to put on Buffy and listen / watch with half an ear while I type and fret.  I'm up to the fourth season right now. At some point in the past year or so, I sold my copy of  the fifth season and now I NEED another copy.

After that, it's make sure the van's tires are still inflated (I've found that I tend not to LOOK at the tires much on the van, especially the off-side tires... you know, the tires on the OTHER SIDE of the van from where I get in).

After that, the list just gets silly.

Tomorrow I get to revise the list again and keep chugging along.

Another Day, Another List.

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