Sunday, January 24, 2010

No Snow...

Turns out I know zip about the geography / topology of California (which is not too surprising...).

Fact #1.) Valley Springs IS in the foothills (of the Sierra Nevada Mountains).

Fact # 2.) There IS snow in them thar' mountains

However, if you put these facts together, you get NO SNOW.

Because, Valley Springs is only 685 feet above sea level (which I DIDN'T KNOW - HONEST) and the lowest snow level currently is running well above 1,000 feet above sea level.

On the other hand, we got COLD, WIND and RAIN....

which means, basically, that the two games we played yesterday were pretty much like the games we played LAST week in the COLD, WIND and RAIN -- just at higher elevation.

So I told sons number one and two that I'd TAKE them up to the SNOW after the games.

Thing is, by the time the second game ended, it was time for more hot chocolate, and we were pooped and cold and our feet were soaked (well, not really this time, but we were definitely damp) and everyone wanted to turn around and go home to play Driver on the play station (not me...lets get that straight... the boys).

I did try to take pictures.

Haven't had time to pull them off the camera yet and I really need to take a REAL camera & not just my phone (which isn't an Iphone) so I can get real close-up shots of the acrobatics of the game.

.... oh, and just in case you were wondering.... we (son number one's team) WON both of the games!

Next week, we get to visit Galt (County Line) for son number two, and Merced (for son number one). Both definitely Central Valley venues...and once again, I'm sure... it will be in the COLD, WIND and RAIN.

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