Monday, January 11, 2010

San Francisco.... dum de dum de dum (al ta Tony Bennett)

Well, in the ongoing saga of my data and the robotic H*ll, it seems I have most of my data back up and ticking away.

This is a good thing.  Partly because no matter what I think of Amazon, the entire world knows of it and much of the entire world buys there.  Lately, I've seen a big drop-off in sales on the river, but any sale is a good sale, so I need my data there. I need it up, I need it clean, and running.

Which, according to my stats on the site, are actually there now.

See -- this whole thing started because booktrakker (the software I use to upload my data ... IE: my books) was now able to attach pictures/ jpgs that I have on other sites to the collectable listings on Amazon. So, me, since I HAVE pictures with most of my stock, wanted to add them to Amazon. Well, it was a good idea. But the after affects of trying to make it happen.... sort of blew up in my face.

Right now I do have my listings on Amazon. I even have pictures with my listings-- for SOME books. Other listings had to be reloaded without the pictures because I found out that over the years, and through some strange computer thingy, many of my older pictures (and we're talking 5-6-7 years old pictures) had degraded and becomes squished into miniscule bits. Amazon doesn't like this.  (and the fact is, neither do my other sites, but they don't reject my entire listings out of hand) So Amazon booted the bad listings.  Which I didn't find out until I checked with Booktrakker support.

I think I've fixed the squished picture thing -- at least for the moment -- by deleting the nasty ones.

BUT .... this means that at some point down the line, I get to RETAKE pictures on a bunch of books which by rights should be SOLD NOW... or tossed into the I'm never going to get rid of these monstrosities, why did I buy THAT category....

And I know I've already mentioned that I want to go through and take another look at old descriptions, redo them, etc.

Yeah, when I have TIME.



Remember those forty or so boxes of UNPROCESSED BOOKS I have sitting behind me, staring me down, breathing on the back of my neck?  Yeah, well, they want to be dealt with first. They SAY SO constantly.

Did I mention that I went book hunting this weekend?

Yeah. I'm pathetic.

And in other news -- I was moaning about the San Francisco Book Fair which is in four weeks.

I hadn't heard from the organizers after turning in my paperwork.

Turns out, the email address they had for some strange reason was bouncing. I got a snail mail message right after I wrote my  wailing note.

NOW ... the problem is, can I AFFORD to go?

Last time I exhibited, It went well. (IE: I made money... more money than I put into going). But that could have been a first time lucky thing.

This time I NEED to make sure I make money, which means putting more out for a fair....and then not making it up would be a disaster.

So.... do I go, or do I pass?

Ideas from the peanut gallery would be very helpful.

And now that that's off my chest....  I need to go tame them boxes of books behind me. They're starting to grow claws.

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Chris said...

You absolutely must go to San Francisco! I would really miss you if you didn't come. Besides, you've talked about some really interesting books lately and I want to check them out.

From your friend who hasn't had time to blog in weeks but who will have a catalogue in hand to give you at the San Francisco fair,