Monday, January 4, 2010

Astro-Kinetics... Planetary influences

The first in my series of older miscellaneous stuff from my ever too full book shelves:

The Influence of the Houses (vol 1)
The Influence of the Planets (vol 2)
Aspects and their Meanings (vol 3)
by Edward W. Whitman (EFBA, CIA)
L.N. Fowler & Co. Ltd (London) all c1970's

I had jpgs of these books for you -- but when I uploaded them, I found that, like a bunch of other older jpgs, they seem to have squished themselves strangely and are not usable.

(the jpg squishing thing is something I'm just noticing.... and dealing with because I'm trying to load older jpgs to a new website -- -- and finding that they are messed up. It's a new kink in the ever kinky road of book selling. I don't WANT to go back and take new pictures of 5000 books..... wahhhh.

At any rate, this set of books has been in my database for about five years (probably more). It's a funky, wonderfully in-depth look at Astro-Kinetics (astrology) and it's in generally very good condition.

BUT -- it's just not the sort of thing I need on my shelves.

My shelves are groaning and creaking as it is. I've got no extra space to add the new books so they are plonked down higgledy-piggldy on top of neatly organized books, they sit on TOP of book cases, they get in the wrong places by accident.

So I'm putting them on special sale here (and I plan to do more of this as time permits).  All three hardcover volumes for $18.50 (basically five bucks a pop with shipping). If you want them, email me direct. I've already removed them from my website. They are reprint editions but they are good solid copies with some general wear and tear.


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