Tuesday, January 12, 2010

San Francisco ... here I come!

Ok, you talked me into it!

Actually, I was on the fence, ready to jump in with both feet, but just needed that tiny extra push.

I got it.

So I emailed the promoter of the fair this morning (which I'll have to remember to follow up with a call) to say I'm going.


NOW all I have to do is PAY for it.

And spend the next three  weeks worrying about my lack of wonderful stock AGAIN....


I vow to take really unusual things with me.  Last time I went, I had a nice batch of collectable children's picture books, and some SF stuff that worked well. This time..... not so much children's stuff to take (NEED TO BUY MORE.... bite my tongue!)
but have some interesting SF stuff.

I do have some other things though. Unusual stuff. stuff that might be eye-candy.

So I have to pull it out, buff it up and let it shine.

Also, books with an asian flair.... I have to scrounge through my database & find stuff with an asian influence. Last time I didn't bring any with me and got lots of requests (which by rights means that if I bring it this time, NO ONE WILL CARE).

So. That's at least one thing off my mind (of course, having made the decision, I end up with a whole new set of worries).

(Have you noticed I'm an inveterate worrier? )

That of course means that the project to UPDATE old listings (and add new jpgs) gets tossed to the side AGAIN.


Back to rooting through new boxes of books for inspiration.

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