Monday, February 15, 2010

Computer Crash....

Friday night, Son Number One was playing an online game on my desktop (my WORK computer) when the screen went black. Something had snapped --

Now I've been warning both number one and two sons that they were pushing my poor old computer too hard with the online graphics heavy games... AND playing U-Tube videos / songs in the background at the same time.  It wasn't unusual for me to come up, check the computer and find five or six screens up, all with U-Tube videos loaded, while they played Toontown.


I think I've found one of the new digital divides..... these boys are so used to computers doing any darn thing they ask them to, they don't realize there are limits.

Friday, they found the limit for this computer.

I didn't get angry. (probably a first for me). But I did really want to sit down and cry. At that moment, I was thinking about the loss of ALL my business data. All the photos for business and home AND Scouts. The programs that I needed.

Everything was on that one computer.

On the good side though, we found a computer place in town (the one I used to use went out of business) that worked on Saturdays AND Sundays (and it turns out, on holidays as well).  There was a chance that all it needed was a repair.

So we took the computer in. (and I am SO embarrassed at the amount of dust and dirt that came off that machine.... I KNOW I'm supposed to pull it apart and clean it every six months or so, but really, DO YOU?)

In the mean time, I'm using the netbook to read email and communicate, but until I know one way or another if the desktop works, I can't do any data entry or mailing... because then I really screw up the database program.  Right now, the database is my biggest worry.  I backed it up before I went to San Francisco, but not since I got back (BAD ME.... I know).

So I'm not completely screwed with the database. I've got all the info before last week, and if necessary, I can recreate the invoices (can't really remember which books I reworked since then though, so would have to search some. Time consuming, but not truly terrible).

So, overall, I'm not at a complete loss.  Just behind again, and it's going to cost something to fix.  (And with the month I've had so far, that bites).

So that's what my weekend has been like.

On the good side, we still had soccer on  Saturday to help keep my mind off  the computer. Son number one's team won both their games.
Son number two TIED the first game and WON the second!  This is real cause for rejoicing.

I'll try to keep updating on the computer situation.  Hopefully we'll have an answer one way or another by Wednesday.


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