Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Almost there.... almost there.... just another...umph..!

SO tomorrow is D-Day. Driving Day.

I thought I would get the seats out of the van today before 3:00 PM, but that is not to be, alas. Blame son number two who is being OBSTINATE!!!

Ok, and for the record, son number two came up with a doozy last night, which he's going to have to think about for a while.

Don't know if I've mentioned that he's the demon child from .... when it comes to getting HOMEWORK done. He feels he is somehow above homework. That it's not necessary to do, and when done, should be done in haste and illegibly.

Well -- yesterday after school he gets in the car and says .... why are the other kids in class not turning in their homework? Some of them haven't turned in any homework since the beginning of school & they're getting F's in every subject.

I can't really give him ALL the reasons why other children don't do their homework. Mostly, I suppose because other children don't have RABID parents like me to BROWBEAT their children into doing assigned work. Whatever the cause, I did (after much time elapsed so he would have time to think) mention that getting his own homework done in a timely and stress-free atmosphere would be generally nice. He said -- I GET my homework done. I Said -- but NOT WITHOUT A BATTLE ROYALE!

At which point.... well, he walked away, but we'll see what happens.

Back to D-DAY.

today, I finally finished the updated and spiffed up descriptions (am printing them out as I write). After this, it's a quick hop out to find the rest of the jars needed for bug catching for scouts, other various errands, and then on to school pick ups.

After that, it's van part removal and box moving. Then soccer. Then transfer stuff to the laptop, pack, get the other things I haven't remembered onto a list, get gas, try to fall asleep and try not to PANIC.

Then tomorrow, it's road trip time.

Have a great day. I'm off on errand duty.

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