Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Exagerations are good for the blog...

This is a blog post about reality.

My reality.

My written reality.

I want you to know that this blogging thing is a good way for me to blow off a bit of steam (some would call it hot air) and get some things off my chest (metaphorically speaking). I can yammer on all evening long at my husband about the day and it's tragedies (if we're in the same place at the same time which isn't really all that often, especially during soccer season), but most times he's listening through only one ear and most times, even that one is pointed AWAY from the drama. (which in the end is a GOOD thing -- he keeps his sanity and I get to rail against the fates however I please. Also, just so we're clear on this, it works both ways. He can rail and shout at the day's stupidity just as easily as I can.)

So instead, I write it down in the blog.


there's always a but, right?

The thing is, on paper, it needs a bit of a punch to it.

Not just your daily grind mope to whomever happens to be standing close when the urge hits to regurgitate every last little petty phone call from the telemarketers, or the book sale that went bad or the cat tossing hairballs at your feet while you're trying hard to think and act like a professional person.

So the blog gets a big of a boost of TOTAL DRAMA ACTION (I'm sure the show is trademarked, so herewith is my nod to the powers that be in Canada that produce the program).

If you're not familiar with the animated cartoon (being that you don't HAVE boy children of middling elementary or middle school grades) , it's about a group of teen-agers who go on a reality show to win money -- a sort of cartoonish reality series. The thing is (in my round-about style of getting to things) their reality is ALWAYS hyped up way past normality.

So is this blog -- well, somewhat.

These things are going on in my life, but really -- it's NOT THAT BAD.

Or maybe, some days, to me it is, but then I get a grip and pull back down to something close to sane.

AND, because I happen to be a writer, every written thing I do has to look / sound good (to my inner ear) which means it has to have PUNCH. It has to have a visual, and aural spark. It has to have action. And realistically, it should move the story forward.

As son number two (who's going through a MAJOR fondness for explosives, explosions, guns, ammo, destruction, mayhem and anything else related therewith) keeps reminding me -- something MUST go BOOM.

Thus, the hyperbole.

So when you read these posts remember -- reality.... well, maybe.

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