Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Two days to go and am I doing book work?

The answer is - well, sort of.

Today I needed to finish writing a review.... no, take that back, not FINISH, but DO the darned review which was technically due yesterday, but the noise level in the house was not conducive to writing, especially when I have to find adjectives and adverbs to fit the plot.

So that was first thing today.

Then it was pay bills. Have to do that before I leave or else.

After that, I did invoices and wrapped up packages to go.

Then I got to FINALLY drop off the cases of popcorn so they aren't in my car anymore (well, I kept one case to take to the fair... just in case some of those dealers get the munchies on set up day)

Then it was bank, a thrift store looking for jars for bug-catchers for my scouts (didn't find and will have to keep searching. That has to be done before I leave as well).

Then pick up kids. Stop at the hardware store. I still need to go to the post office as I'm out of stamps, but our mail-lady happened to be on our doorstep as we drove in, so SHE took the packages.

Now it's a quick moment to email customers about packages, get some food, and then off to soccer practice (times two today).

After that, take seats out of the van.

After that, collapse in a big heap.

Hopefully tomorrow will be about book work.


oooohhhh.... I just uploaded some pictures that we took this weekend during a visit from aunt J, Ruby, Uncle M and baby Nikki.

As USUAL, my camera wobbled (and Nikki has now got the hang of MOVING QUICKLY down to a science, so most of his pictures came out blurry).

This is Aunt J, Ruby and Nikki (who figured out STAIRS too!)

Sort of blurry, but Nikki found the electric cat water dish in less than five minutes from coming in the door. It's a WONDERFUL play toy!

Nikki loves to walk around in his Baby Bjorn -- so the boys decided they had to give it a try with him in it. Here's son number two.


Son number one.

And last but not least, I finally got some pictures of Isabel -- my demon cat who won't leave me alone...

She's a Siamese Ragdoll thingy -- who knows exactly but that's the closest we could figure. She's got a VERY Siamese personality and always wants me to pay attention to her.

She won't sit on anyone else's lap but mine -- and ONLY when I'm working at the computer. Or when it's time to get up in the morning.

She LICKS at me constantly (when I'm trying to type) and generally tries to be lovable.

I'm overwhelmed. The rest of the cats are quite mellow -- well, all deranged, but mellower and easier to deal with.

She's darned cute, but too intense.

Anyone want a cat? Cheap?

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