Monday, September 7, 2009

TOO Much to do.... wahhhh

I keep telling myself that everything I need to do for the book fair is all going to get done in a timely fashion. That I'm not going to get stressed out and that everything WILL Be finished and ready to go by Wednesday night.


today, I realized that the ten cases of Boy Scout Popcorn that are taking up the third row of seats in my van NEED TO GO NOW. I want to start getting things in the van for the trip. So, I need to get THEM OUT (ps: if you are interested in ordering popcorn for my son's Cub Scout Pack fundraiser let me know. It's for a very good cause. I haven't sent out a formal plea yet, but I might. I might even take a couple of tins of popcorn down to the fair with me).

So I get in touch with the person who needs to be in charge of the cases of popcorn -- long story there .... I can make the switch IF I hike the popcorn out to Patterson which is forty-five miles away. AND I promised that I'd let one of the boys friend come over today, but I have to do some carpooling to get him.... which means that a two hour drive to Patterson and back is going to be a problem.

And then, I still don't have the bookcases packed (their portable and they were up with books on them. The books are down, but the bookcases are still not packed).

And the description changes I want to make for this fair are turning out to take WAY MORE TIME than I thought -- partly because I keep finding things to change in my database at the same time. I HAVE to print them out before Wednesday. I don't have to have them tucked into the books till I get to the fair, but as I'm NOT taking my laptop and printer, whatever doesn't get done before I leave....

Not going to get done.

As to the computer -- I would LOVE to replace my poor six year old laptop for something that actually works, but this is not the time yet (unless the book fairs both turn out far better than I expect).

Besides, the hole in the living room ceiling where there is some elusive plumbing leak takes precedence by far and will probably cost more too. Sigh.

Now it's off to a quick lunch and a decision about driving.

Oh, and happy Labor Day for those Americans out there.

I'm laboring.

That means I'm celebrating.


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