Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Pawing through boxes...

I know that at some point in the past I mentioned how many boxes of unprocessed books I have sitting -- languishing -- waiting for me to get to and add to the database.

Well, today, I ended up going through about 20 of the boxes. Not ALL of the boxes I have, mind you.  Currently, I figure there are over 50 boxes of books waiting.

Let's see:  (math time)

50 boxes x 35 books per box average (don't even begin to ask how I came up with this number...but it's the number I use for IRS purposes).

50 x 35 = 1750 books (approximately) that are UNPROCESSED!!!!!

Add in the two shelves worth of paperbacks that are just SITTING for no particular reason. 

Ditto the 300 odd National Geographic Magazines (most dating to the 1930's 1940's)

plus odds and ends of things that either need to GO SOMEWHERE ELSE, or need repair...

 If only I'd get my sorry butt (and sore too but that's more my lower back) in gear and get these puppies processed....


And pigs will fly soon too.

So, as I was mentioning, I was going through these boxes for a reason.  First off, two people at the recent book fairs mentioned books that I know I have, but they are (here it comes) IN BOXES.

So I told them, give me a week or so, and I'll go through.

Today was the start of that process.

In fact, I did find eight books that I'll be quoting directly to people Hopefully with results.  AND it gets eight books out of boxes and AWAY from here (which should NOT mean that there's room for me to go find more, but generally does).

I still have the rest of the boxes to go through to find two more items I think might be there.

No, I don't have pictures of this today. Sorry.  My house is a complete box mess at the moment and I'd rather not have it that way, however I don't see much of a way around it at the moment. I have to unpack the boxes from the fairs, but to do so involves a series of fleet-footed maneuvers (and more data entry) so it will get done, but more slowly than I'd like.

What I did do today, besides a trip to the doctor for my yearly physical and my time pawing through boxes,  was get some pictures taken so I can start to do more data entry.

Again, it all comes down to the data entry, doesn't it.... sitting on my sorry butt with my fingers on the keyboard typing away.

I'll get there.


Probably not for the rest of today though.

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