Friday, September 4, 2009

Still at work on the piles for the book fair

I didn't get a chance yesterday to write anything. Didn't have much time. When I did have time, I was feeling very saggy and baggy and like a puddle of sludge. Partly because of the weather -- don't get me wrong -- I'm one of the few people I know in the San Joaquin Valley that actually LIKE hot weather, but yesterday it was hot and HUMID (for most parts of the US humidity is something you endure regularly, for the longest time, our bit of California had relatively low humidity during the summer, making the heat hot, but not sweaty hot. Now it's hot AND sweaty) and sort of draggy weather. On top of that, either my allergies have kicked back in full force (which is really saying something as I'm medicated to the gills for allergies as it is) or I'm getting the cold that both boys came home with (man, if I used proper sentence structure on that sentence ... I'm getting the cold with which both boys came home.... it sounds stupid and rather too snooty for me).

Thus, no blog. Besides, after clothes talk and book stack / box talk, what's left before book fairs to cover except shoes....

Shoes. Not a topic I want to even get into.

Back to the weather. Yesterday was also one of younger son's soccer practice days. His coach had threatened to cancel practices if the temp got over 100, but yesterday, it was iffy as it was just barely 100 (as compared to say... 110 in the shade) at 5:00. We prepared to head out into the heat, just in case, but at the last minute (actually, this coach is very good about keeping people informed and called half an hour before practice started) he called it off. That's when all my get up and go got up and went. Once I sat down on the sofa, I was done for.
(and just to let you know, because we're thrifty / masochistic types, we don't normally turn the air condition on in the house until the upstairs reaches a solid 94 degrees or so. Yesterday, I relented and turned it on anyway.)

Dinner was make it yourself out of left-overs in the fridge -- as long as you didn't cook. Adding heat by using the stove or oven was something no one wanted. Microwaves are WONDERFUL inventions!

All of which, if you've read this far, is why I DIDN'T get a blog done yesterday.

To make up for it, I have to write two today.

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