Friday, September 25, 2009

Darn. No post yesterday.

Man,  I was trying to make it a whole week with some sort of blog entry & I blew it again.

However, since I wasn't going to be able to blog tomorrow or Sunday anyway, I guess I'll just start fresh again on Monday.

I had high hopes of sitting down and getting work done today -- that's before I tried to get some of the things on my  "LIST OF THINGS TO DO" done.

My list is not TOO long, but it is long enough.

Today I was going to get the cub scout calendar out to my new (Yippee!) possible den member.

I told you, right, that last May I had 9 boys signed up to be in my den?

Well, cut to September and now I have six. It bums me out to see boys leave the group and go off for other things as I think scouts is important (and FUN too), but that's life.

The thing is, six (or maybe five) boys isn't that many for a group like this & we have a small pack as well, so any new members are pounced upon wildly.

We had our beginning of the year pack meeting this last Monday and got about 8 new boys come to take a lookie loo around.  One of which was a new Webelos possible.

I promised his mom on Monday that I would send a calendar for the year -- it's been on my to do list since then, but since I have to figure out how to send the copy I have (which I put in Microsoft Outlook for some strange reason) via email, it took me til today to work up the umph to want to figure it out.

End result -- CAN'T be done via Outlook, so someone suggested Google Calendar.  Which means I have to re-enter all the data, enter the scout emails, etc. and then invite the parents to google calendar as well.

It takes an unbelievable amount of time to do fiddly little tasks like this.

So basically, nothing of book business stuff (except for shipping off books that sold overnight) gets done -- for a lousy calendar.

I wish I could clone myself into about six clones -- two of which would be working full time on data entry and tax data entry alone.
Another clone would be the errand runner and food preparer and cat scratcher.

The others would be assigned tasks on a daily basis for whatever crops up that the real me just isn't up to doing that day.

And the real me?  Well the real me would probably be reading a book.

Oh, and just because it's cool, here's one of the books I entered yesterday:

It's written by Mabel Watts and illustrated by the wonderfully imaginative Mercer Mayer

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